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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

What's Your Testimony?

What is your testimony when life comes like a flood against you? We in Nigeria have never been hiut like this before with flood but as usual, we always survive one way or another...but to those affected by the flood, my heart goes out to you, but for you reading this, what if you were in there shoes? What would you do to keep your spirit in one piece? here's the testimony of a child (though hilarious) but what exactly how he could explain himself....I quote "...Before when the flood never come, we dey eat rice once a week, now when flood don come, na every day we dey eat rice with better better meat"... in English it means ( Before the floods came, we only eat rice once a week, but after the floods came, we now eat rice every day with good meat!)...So whats your testimony?...Tell me what you would do....

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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