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Monday, March 12, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

 8 Keys To Personal Empowerment
By Ogbo Awoke Ogbo

 I got this man's book, read it cover to cover and I
tell you, you must read it as well....I got this vital eight keys to personal empowerment that he gave to me, a must read...

How many times each day do you hear the buzzword “empowerment?” It is the favorite word in corporate social responsibility documents, government programs, among NGOs, and among social workers. But what does it really mean and how can we attain self empowerment?
In the Dictionary, the word “empower,” means to give (someone) the authority or power to do something. For example you can empower someone in your organization to sign checks on your behalf. It also means to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling his or her life and claiming his or her rights.
However, you can never empower someone who cannot empower himself or herself. Trying to empower a lazy and unmotivated person is like using a twig to pull out an elephant from a ditch.
Why should you seek personal empowerment? Because you cannot succeed in this world by sitting down in one place, folding your hands and hoping that something good will happen. The world is a testing ground and only the wise and strong survive. Jesus told his followers not to venture into the world until they received empowerment from heaven. If they needed empowerment 2000 years ago, you can imagine how much you and I need it today.
Second, you need empowerment to say “No” to temptation. A young girl called to ask what to do because every man who proposed to her wanted to sleep with her before marriage. Each time she refused, they abandoned her. She needed empowerment to sustain her personal values. I assured her that the man meant for her will honor her enough to wait until after marriage. All others before him are just sex seekers, not husbands.
Third, you need empowerment to experience economic success. Every normal person wants to make an honest living and leave something behind for his or her children. Without economic empowerment, you cannot do it. Those who have been looking for job in the past 3 years can testify to the importance of economic empowerment.
Fourth, you need spiritual empowerment to contend with the challenges of the invisible world. The pressures of the invisible will either make you a better person or a spiritual rogue. At the end of your life, what will count most is your character. The most important question when you stand before the Eternal Majesty would be, “What kind of soul were you?”
Let me share with you 8 keys to personal empowerment.
  1. Knowledge – Benjamin Disraeli said, “Ignorance never settles a question.” Knowledge is the first ingredient of empowerment. You can never change a man until you change what he knows. Most so-called empowerment programs fail because they do not come packaged with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to drive and sustain change. Knowledge is the diesel for empowerment. We are a very religious nation. Many religious people are prisoners of ignorance. They go from camp to camp; visit prophet after prophet, preacher after preacher but nothing changes in their lives. Why? Because you can never cure ignorance with prayer or get rid of stupidity by divination.
  2. Personal responsibility. Until you take personal responsibility for your life, you will simply drift at the mercy of circumstances and other people’s plans for you. Until you take personal responsibility for your life you will continue to foolishly blame witches, wizards and ancestral spirits. Someone said, “Mr. Ogbo you have never had spiritual attack (Who told you?). That’s why you don’t know how powerful demons are.” May I ask you sir, “Why is it easier for Africans to believe in demons than in God?”  Anyhow, you chose to fear demons and I chose to fear God. You can choose what to fear but you cannot choose the consequences of that choice.
  3. Reexamine your values and beliefs. You are where you are today because of the values and beliefs you have inherited or acquired over the years. One of the most destructive values is the it-doesn’t-matter belief. Wear your seat belt and you say it doesn’t matter. Don’t cheat in your exams and you say it doesn’t matter; spend more quality time with your children and you say it doesn’t matter; invest your bonus salary and you say it does not matter.; stop eating junk food and start exercising three times a week but you also say it does not matter. Then, one day the unexpected happens, and you discover that truly it did matter. If your values and beliefs are destroying your future, reengineer them.
  4. Continuous personal education. Thankfully, some people are beginning to read. Others bury their opportunities in Blackberry and Facebook addiction. If you are not reading, you are dying. There is so much wisdom and insight hidden in books. If you can spend more time on books than on BB and Facebook, your performance and income could double or triple in one year.
  5. Environment. The place you live, the place you work, the people you have around you, are they building you up or tearing you down? Before the patriarch Abraham could fulfill his destiny, he had to leave his disempowering environment. You can never achieve your destiny in the wrong environment. It’s like fish trying to survive on land.
  6. Get a mentor! Being without a mentor in your life is like being thrown into the middle of the ocean from an airplane. Be accountable to someone under God.
  7. Talent, skills and abilities. Your success is hidden in the expression of your talent. People sit at home complaining that they don’t have connections. This country has 160 million people and you don’t have connections? Something must be wrong! It’s not who you know that matters. It’s who knows you.  And how can people know you? People will recognize you when you express your gifts and abilities. A person’s talents open doors for him or her. Don’t wait for connections in your bedroom; develop your talent and passion and let the world hear about you!
  8. Courage, faith and persistence. Success takes time. Personal empowerment requires you to have courage, faith and persistence. Greatness is not built in one day. Be courageous, be persistent in your dream. And one day, your dream will come true.

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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