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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze


Have you ever had a big dream and you felt you didn't have what it takes to carry it out? Have you been feeling like time is running out and those you feel should have helped you financially or otherwise have disappointed you?You feel you are not adequately prepared or equipped enough to begin? Well I've got news for you now...
You can start where you are, with what you have, to do what you can! Yes!... It's simply called the "Shamgar Principle"...
Never think you are not well preapared enough to start, just start. the joy we get or the success we achieve is not derived when we "arrive' at the finish line, its the "Process" of getting there, the experiences, the trials, up's and down's, they all add up to make us better persons.

You don't need to have all the resources in the world to start, infact let me give you a shocker, YOU WILL NEVER GET ENOUGH! That is why when a child is born, he grows from stage to stage, from sucking milk to eating meat, to cracking bones...He cannot crack bones immediately he is born, but he grows into that stage. I remember a very wealthy man in my town who began his business with  selling bread from door to door, making sales to homes on foot. then later he bought a bicycle (growth), and later a bus (more growth) and now he employs people to work for him. He no longer moves on foot again but rather people now do the "moving" for him on fleets of vehicles. now he has built schools, and other organizations. Now if he had delayed starting because he didn't have enough to start, those he has employed now probably would not have had a source of income for their families. see the connection now?
So the Shamgar principle simply encourages us to Start with what we have, where we are, to do what we can. You are the success someone is waiting to draw inspiration from, because we are all connected one way or another.

Let me wrap this up by telling you this, don't be afraid to make mistakes, only when you do, learn from them and be better, so you can use whatever you have, where you are, to do what you can!
I would be delighted to read your success story here if this post helped you one way or another...Enjoy!

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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