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Friday, March 2, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

10 Driving Tips on the Road to Your Dreams

After you read this post by my friend Tara, I would love to know how your trip is going...lol...enjoy

Expert Author Tara Sage Steeves
Those who have ridden in my car know first-hand that I have great affection for my GPS. To me it's a cherished "gift that keeps on giving". Not only do I love it because of the ease and confidence it offers me in finding my way, but this fabulous little gadget also calculates my anticipated time of arrival. I just love that... Short of something catastrophic or a massive detour, I breathe easier knowing when and where I'll arrive.
But wait, it gets even better...

In the event of a missed turn, Jill (yes, that's her name) echoes the word "recalculating" while identifying an alternate route that will take me to my destination. No judgment or panic, simply: recalculating. Ahhh...
On the road to realizing your dreams, there is much to be learned from this nifty little invention!
So, with the easy-breezy wind blowing in your hair, here are 10 very important driving tips to give you the utmost ease and confidence around each twist and turn along the road to realizing YOUR dreams:
1. Unless you know your destination, a GPS will not be much use to you. You must choose a destination! This is not to say you can't change direction at any time, it just means that in order to receive guidance about where to go, you must begin by choosing which way to head. (By the way, there is of course not a thing wrong with a joy-ride, as long as you don't feel any particular urgency to get anywhere in particular.)
2. When would you like to arrive? Are you traveling by foot, bike, car...? Take into account how fast you're able to travel for a steady distance, and when you would like to arrive. With a bit of planning, you'll be able to easily assess how soon to set out on your journey and what to pack.
3. Give yourself some extra time so you can stop along the way to refuel.
4. Remember: You are in the drivers seat.
5. Enjoy the ride. Half the fun is getting there.
6. If it feels daunting to go it alone, find others who are heading in a similar direction to join you.
7. Pace yourself.
8. Glance in the rear-view mirror periodically, but keep your primary focus on what's in front of you.
9. Celebrate each milestone along the way, knowing that every mile counts.
10. Don't doubt and question whether or not you'll get there! Just keep going... You don't have to use any more precious fuel spinning your wheels.
With a bit of planning, you can create your very own road map to your dreams! First, decide where and when you would like to arrive. Then, work backwards. Identify clear, measurable milestone markers that support your journey forward. Enjoy the ride!
Want to get into the fast lane?
Contact me to learn how we can join forces and put the pedal to the metal...
Want to get into the fast lane?

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tara_Sage_Steeves

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