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Friday, September 14, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

Slow and Steady

Have you ever heard the popular slogan that slow and steady wins the race? well I beg to disagree! I think it largely depends on what you are into...in a 100m race for instance, would slow and steady give you the title? Hell no!
That's on the lighter side anyway......alright let me focus on what I really want you to know...

When building a house, you determine how high up you want to build then seek to dig the corresponding foundation right? ok. now when putting your building blocks, you build them brick by brick and not all at once...same with financial wealth building in.but in our 21st century age now, so much emphasis has been laid on speed and fast and speed! but for the youth who want to succeed and stay successful must know that slow and steady wins it for him and saves him alot of aches and regrets in the future. Those who went for the fast track money spinning business mostly have regretful stories about their escapades. I usually laugh when i watch a popular TV show on air that parades bandits and they always say that they feel very bad about what they've done, but if yo told them slow and steady wins the race before now, they would not listen (but i now YOU would)...

It pays to learn. hard work pays and never kills...you must learn something from it. In every labour there is profit..it is left to you to know what kind of labour you want to engage in that you can enjoy in PEACE...
Remember, slow and steady, surely wins the race!

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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