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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Emmanuel Osawemwenze



Wow! What a day! I never knew this day would come, but we learn every day don't we? There's a popular saying that goes “When you stop learning, you start dying”. I learnt a lot today and i would like to share with you, we all experience this feeling one way or the other, if not now, someday.

Anger......hmmmmmmmm....that's a very strong word, but no matter how strong it is we have to overcome it, because it's a silent killer!
How do YOU manage your anger? We are all humans and we have times in our lives we just “let go” or “let it all out” but the effects of the things said and done remain for a longer period than the feeling itself. I witnessed such today, the young lad was really vexed and could not take it anymore, so had to give “them” a piece of his mind...but after he had calmed down, he began to recollect and ponder on the things he said and why he said them, and funny enough, it was so amusing that was caused all the imbroglio and hullabaloo was a mere walk over! They were just minute issues that a little more communication could have corrected. It all boiled down to miscommunication! A bit of vital information was missing and the whole message no longer made “sense”.

So how can you manage anger?............................................

let me give you some tips that can help you manage anger to a great extent. It is not 100% full proof but effective, since we a humans, not robots...

1.When you are angry and you want to angrily give “them” a “piece of your mind”, count 1 to 100!

2.Ask your self “Why” am i angry? Make sure you get a satisfactory answer for yourself.

3.Ask yourself again, “Is it really worth it?”

4.Ask yourself “Who is in charge here?”...it must be you!

5.Then tell yourself, “I've got better things to do”

Your mind may not accept this exercise initially, but doing it repeatedly over time whenever you are faced with such a situation, you get used to it...
Do you know it takes more energy from you to be angry than when you are happy? The body muscles becomes taut and hormones are released into the blood stream and this can lead to other adverse effects in the body....am no doctor but i know its true. Even added to the fact that the aftermath of anger leaves you drained mentally, it makes you feel miserable because you probably have hurt some of the persons you love! Do you want that to happen? Heck NO!

Hope I've been able to add some things to you so that when that time comes, you can deliver!
In my next letter to you, i would tell you about the wonders of been happy, if anger is infectious, how much more being happy? Till then, keep in touch and learn to manage your anger!...
I would like to hear from you your comments, views and also your challenges, so we could solve them together. I would love to read your mails, please send them to inspireme4life@yahoo.com and feel free to sign up for my monthly inspireme4life! Tips.

Impossibilities are only a figment of your imaginations, so THINK BIG!!!

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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