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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

Get-In-Line and Achieve it!

Get-In-Line and Achieve it!

Hi there, how was your day? Mine was kool, infact more than kool, it was adventurous! I must tell you about it, wanna read? Ok here goes...
I was in need of cash, really in dire need of it,well not really “broke” per say as you would want to call it, because to be broke really means you've got nothing on you, both inside and outside! Well back to the story, no money so i couldn't do what i wanted to do, so grounded. I even went to use one of them so-called machines, popularly called “ATM” but it could not pay me, why? No money in the account! Hahahaha.....But rather than go begging for cash i had to think of something i could do that would not cost me money, but would bring in cash, no matter how little it was. Opportunity is visible in everything to anyone who is willing to take advantage of it, hhmmmm....how true! I got wind of a domestic work going on somewhere so i plunged in for a miniature job, and believe you me at the end of the day, i had some “change” in my pocket, i felt like a king! Who says cash doesn't give power?

Anyway what i want to draw out from that little personal experience is that if you want to achieve anything in life, get in line and achieve it! You want to get different results? You want to achieve your set down goals? Then be ready to do what you've not done before! Believe you me i have not done this kind of “job” before but it put some legal cash in my pocket i could call my own. I needed cash, I saw an opportunity that would fetch it, i keyed into it, and i made my money, somebody say cash money! Lol!

So what are we learning here? Never shy away from any opportunity that presents itself as a “problem”, whereas in actual fact, turn it around and see the rewards on the reverse side. it's massive! If you really want to be relevant to your goals, you have to work it out! It would not work itself out, goals are like the computer term, GIGO(Garbage In Garbage Out), it's what you input into it that it would give out as result(s) to you. So what would it be? Play now and pay later or pay now and play later? It's your call now...

I would like to hear from you your comments, views and also your challenges, so we could solve them together. I would love to read your mails, please send them to inspireme4life@yahoo.com and feel free to sign up for my monthly inspireme4life! Tips.

Impossibilities are only a figment of your imaginations, so THINK BIG!!!

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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