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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emmanuel Osawemwenze


Hi friend, how are you doing? I got this thing about dreams...you
when you just sit down and begin to plan things in the air,things you
intend to do in future, and when you are through you just smile a
satisfactory smile. After sometime, say like one year, you start all
over again and begin to dream about THE SAME things you dream t
about sometime ago, and the circle continues just like that.
Let me tell you sincerely, you are WASTING TIME! You are just like a
person who sits in front of a mirror looking at his image and then
forgets about it as soon as he leaves there.
If you really want to achieve anything MEANINGFUL in life,
stop day-dreaming and begin to LIVE YOUR DREAMS! You don't
have to procrastinate anymore, because it would only steal your
invaluable time.
Here are just a few of the things that could help you make your
dreams a reality, viz:

1. Take a BOOK and a PEN and then begin to think deeply.

2. As you think deeply, ideas will come, WRITE them down
quickly, so you don't forget them.

3. When you have satisfactorily exhausted what you want to think
about, ITEMIZE them in order of priority. That is to say, put
them in order of importance.

4. Give yourself a TIME frame of achieving these dreams.

5. After the stipulated time given, give yourself an APPRAISAL
report. In other words, evaluate your success or achievements so far.

See what i mean, it wasn't all that difficult was it? Don't give place
to procrastination, it is the theft of time, YOUR time. Do you know
that the same idea that is flowing in your mind flows in other
people's mind as well? The sole right of ownership of the idea
belongs to the person that is able to BIRTH the idea FIRST! So
beware, that dream of yours might just be in someone else's head,
only TIME will tell who OWN'S the idea. So why not take that little
step and begin living you dreams?

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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