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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Emmanuel Osawemwenze


“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. -
Oscar Wilde.”

That's a popular saying that makes sense, lots of it. Many of us
believe that we are disadvantaged in life right from the start, but on
the contrary, we're not. Every person in this world all begin from the
same starting line, we are all born into this same world. Our “birth”

is our starting line, and we are all given 24hours to work with. While
some of us use it wisely, others toy with it. Time is available to all,
what we do with it, is up to us, which is our responsibility that
defines what we become in life.
No doubt life deals us cruel blows sometimes, but what do you look
at when you are in the “gutter” of life? Are you overwhelmed by
what you see? Do you say “Humph.....this place stinks!”? Are you
looking at the problem or you are thinking of the solution? Are you
looking at what the problem has caused you or what you will
become when you solve it? It all depends on what you see dearie...How do you see things? Do you see the problems or do you
see the limitless opportunities? Believe me opportunities come as
problems in disguise. Only the bold and determined eat its victory
Check this out, when the problem of communication arose,
someone thought of something to make it easy to communicate, and
hence devised the telephone, which has undergone lots of
modifications now. Imagine the possibilities in the communication
world now, but it all started with someone taking the initiative to
make things work! What do you see? We are all in the gutter, yes!

You don't have money, true! You've lost your parents or guardians,
true! Still, what do you see? You just have one eye, true! Stevie
Wonder can be you mentor! I can sing but who will buy and promote
my works? Ask the Blind Boys Of Alabama! Wake up kid! You
don't have an excuse not to succeed in life! Just stop, yes STOP
looking at the problem and BEGIN looking at the solution. It may
not come instantly as you want it, but like rain drops, no matter how
little it is, it will surely wet the ground. What you SEE is what you
BECOME! “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at
the stars” and hence we become STARS indeed! Why not Join us?
What do you see?

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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