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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze


Hey guys, remember I talked about “Thinking Ahead” in my last blog post to you right? If you haven't read it please do! @ http://www.inspireme4life.blogspot.com
The most dreaded times we've feared has finally come upon us...Nigerians would understand what I'm talking about...
SUBSIDY REMOVAL!.....Sounds like a “plague” word right? Yeah it will If you're not prepared for it!

General opinions are flying to and fro, comments being thrown vehemently to who cares to listen, tempers flaring left, right and center, everything in a Topsy-turvy, total chaos, confusion, all because of one word, SUBSIDY REMOVAL!
Now I'm not saying if its right or wrong, but all I have to say is that everything has to do with timing. For example, if you're late for your flight, you will miss your flight, no matter how hard you pray!

Now the issue of subsidy removal has torn a big hole in the trust of Nigerians in the Nigerian government, whether you like it or yes. Let's define democracy as simply as possible...it is government of the people, by the people and for the people. A government that does not take into cognizance the voices of its people is definitely democracy only on paper! A leadership without followership is a disasterious mirage! Most questions which has been asked in time past was, who will bell the cat? I dare to state here categorically, that its no longer taking the bull by the horns that Nigerians need, it's taking the bull and yanking off its horns! No manner of persons can dare hold this nation to ransom anymore...lets expose them all... Nigerians are tired of living from hand to mouth, if we don't take our stand now, our children will blame us for our cowardice, and we are no cowards! Whatsoever the heck is subsidy removal anyway? The 2011 budget has made provision for it till March 2012, so why the rush to remove subsidy NOW? And not many saw it coming, they were hit cold in the face by the news on a faithful day, what a new year gift! Some even had to sell their belongings to make up for transport fare to take them back to their stations, it was as bad as that! Now imagine this scenario, Nigerians are faced with terrorism attacks, in the pseudo name of “boko haram”, now the whole of Nigeria joined hands with the government to fight this menace, and then suddenly they too become part of the casualty by way of this subsidy removal, thereby removing food from their mouth. Now people who are supposed to help fight insecurity are now turning around to fight you! The answer is obvious!....instead of tackling one challenge at a time, the government is biting off more than it can chew. No matter how right a thing is, if it is done in the wrong time, it still remains wrong!

Nigerians are tired of being cheated....When I was a kid, I sang this song written by a popular musician (God rest his soul)......”Which way Nigeria?”......Nigeria is more than 50years old, should our children still sing this song when they grow up? God forbid! Lets change Nigeria! IT'S NOW OR NEVER!!!
To a better Nigeria filled with good people that will make this Nation great again and a sought after, I see a Nigeria where we will be honest enough to call a spade a spade, a Nigeria where bribery and corruption would be deleted forever from our dictionary, a Nigeria without segregation or classes, where we live as ONE!


I would like to hear from you your comments, views and also your challenges, so we could solve them together. I would love to read your mails, please send them to inspireme4life@yahoo.com or you could visit http://www.inspireme4life.blogspot.com and feel free to sign up for my monthly inspireme! Tips.
Impossibilities are only a figment of your imaginations, so THINK BIG!!!

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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