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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

Who really hinders you?

I saw this article about a very good friend of mine, her name's Paula Jones, and I loved it, because it just clicked in my Spirit that NO one can really hinder us....the only person that can hinder you is YOU! How? Read on...

By Paula Jones
Many people have their own internal saboteur. This little person sits on your shoulder, chattering away, telling you that you can't do things you want to.Have you ever listened to it a bit more closely? Be still for a minute...is that voice familiar? I bet it is, because it's yours. The little person on your shoulder is a handy manifestation for all of our downward-spiralling thoughts, and helps us on our quest to not be the best we can be. Here are 5 classics that the self saboteur uses: I haven't got time to exercise/cook for myself/take time out I'll do it later Well, it didn't work last time My family/friends/partner doesn't want me to change There's always something that gets in the way. Are any of these familiar? Self sabotaging behaviour comes in many forms; these five are typical of how we get in our own way. And they lead on to more destructive thoughts about ourselves and other people so that we may as well just march up to someone we don't get along with and say, "Here you go, here's all my power and my ambition. Do what you like with it because I've no use for it." Sabotaging yourself can be immensely destructive and erode self confidence so much that we will begin to externalise everything that goes wrong and believe that control of our lives is out of our own hands. Instead, when we need to examine our own thoughts and take corrective action, we will assume that good things don't happen to us. Be honest with yourself. If these sound like you, it's time to hold up a mirror and ask yourself; Does acting this way make me happy? Am I going to be happy if I continue like this? Am I worth more than this? An evidence-based journal of your daily life will help you to combat the self saboteur. Answering your own questions with evidence to support better treatment than you allow yourself is an excellent tool to make a case for kicking out the saboteur. This will help you root out your fears and confront the saboteur, putting you in a position of strength rather than keeping you in the dark. It's absolutely essential to our well being to challenge the self saboteur. It is all too easy to listen to the negative things we lead ourselves to believe, and in doing so we make our worlds smaller. If you tell yourself often enough that you can't do something, you really will start to believe it. The only limits we have in our lives tend to be those that are self imposed. Allow yourself the freedom to breathe and your world will become bigger and you will become more successful. Because you will have allowed yourself to be.


Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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