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Monday, March 12, 2012

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

What are you Designed for?

So many persons pass through this world without knowing what they’ve been designed to achieve or what their purpose on earth is for. They live only to eat. But is that all to life? How do you find fulfillment? It’s in the discovery and the actualization of purpose. Imagine this scenario for instance, if you are headed somewhere and you don’t know the description of where you are going; you would eventually pass by the place without realizing it!
I know a man, yes I know a man named Archbishop Benson A. Idahosa, popularly called “Papa”, A man of faith, a man of purpose, He knew what his purpose on earth was, and when his work was done, he knew also! In summary, He came, he discovered, he fulfilled, he conquered!
I won’t say much on this post; just know that when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable!
Discover your purpose today and fulfill it!

Emmanuel Osawemwenze

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